Vietnam & Vietnamese American Reading and Arts List

From my teaching and research, I have compiled some of my favorite readings, films, artists, and online archives. These resources can be used as teaching materials for courses on Vietnam War or Vietnamese American refugees, or as an introduction to the complex history of the war and its impact upon diverse Vietnamese and Vietnamese American communities. This list is a work in progress, and I will continue to update it with new materials and useful resources I have used in the classroom with students. In sharing this list, I also strive to recenter the narrative of the war from the perspective of Vietnam and its diaspora from 1954 to 1986 (and even to present day).

Historiography and Debates about the Vietnam War

THINK PIECE ESSAY: Orthodox v. Revisionist v. Vietnam-Centrism in Vietnam War Histories (and the cases of Marilyn Young’s The Vietnam Wars (1991) and Guenter Lewy’s America in Vietnam (1978))

Memory & History from Vietnamese Perspective

Understanding and Challenging the Capital ‘H’ History of the Vietnam War

Between History and Memory

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Vietnamerica: Diasporic Storytelling

Nam le’s the boat – Interactive website, multimedia story based on Nam Le’s The Boat

matt huynh’s cabramatta


Literature, Novels, Poetry on Post-War Vietnam & Vietnamese-America

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