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My research informs my personal life and community work. My life inspires my art. My art transforms my research. I create and iterate.

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FAMILY NOTES: A Conversation Toolkit


I introduce “Family Notes” Project and read Ba/Father 23:03 at LA Review of Books 2019

Family Notes is a conversation toolkit to help facilitate intergenerational, multilingual conversations between loved ones. Rather than focus on genealogy and the concretizing of capital ‘H’ History, Family Notes welcomes the complexity of language and storytelling: non-linear, mythical-folkloric, creative, iterative, and collaborative. Family Notes Toolkit will include a 1) field notes style booklet, 2) an accompanying website for resources, and 3) ideas and examples of creative projects sparked by the conversations.

While writing and researching Family Notes, I will share resources, working chapters, and media here at my arts and community website with posts tagged #FamilyNotes. Follow along there or email your ideas and suggestions to:


“Mẹ, Translated” is a mixed-media art project on love, language, memory and everything lost in translation in between.
Translation is an interpretive act. Based on context, gestures, tone-room-feeling of an uttered word, we create meaning. That meaning of the word changes each time we attempt to explain it. New iterations, contexts, interpretations, and feelings attach to the word, breathing new life and meaning.

“The Undeniable Force of Khó Khăn” Film: A film on the bittersweet nature of love, language, and memory. Featured at the Viet Film Festival 2019 >

Directed, Produced, Edited, Words by Cindy Nguyen from the original essay
Cinematography by Eric Kim

Read Cindy Nguyen’s Open Letter Response >

MISS “mis-” a prefix applied to various parts of speech, meaning “ill,” “mistaken,” “wrong,” “wrongly,” “incorrectly,” or simply negating: mistrial; misprint; mistrust. My current projects MISS meditates on the meaning of all things deemed ‘mis-‘ –wrong, dirty, broken, ‘abnormal.’ From misfits to misreading, misunderstandings to mistakes, MISS/MIS confronts the categorical imperative of labeling things as good/bad, yes/no, men/women, appropriate/not. I pause, ponder, and ask why? Join me on this journey > See all MIS-READING projects

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