Cindy A. Nguyen


2013- University of California, Berkeley

Ph.D. Candidate in History

First Field: Southeast Asia

Second Field: Knowledge Systems: History of Information/Classification & Colonial Knowledge

Outside Field: Digital Humanities & Data Science

2011-2013 Michigan State University

Master of Arts in History

Southeast Asia

2006-2010 University of California, Los Angeles

B.A. in History and Southeast Asian Studies; Minors: Global Studies, Political Science




2014- UC Berkeley: Graduate Student Instructor, History Department

2014-2015 UC Berkeley History Department: Digital History Coordinator

2014 Biography of Susan Sontag by Benjamin Moser: Translator

2013-2014 UC Berkeley: Digital Humanities Assistant, Research Information Technologies Unit in UC Berkeley IST

2011 MSU: Lecture on Mỹ Lai & Hà Mỹ Massacres, Ghosts of War in Contemporary Vietnam

2008-2011 UCLA Division of Undergraduate Education: Academic Peer Learning Supervisor & Facilitator

2008-2009 UCLA History Department: Research Assistant to Professor Kelly Lytle Hernandez


2014 Fall History of Vietnam: Graduate Student Instructor (upper division)

2014 Fall Instructional Technology: Pedagogy Talk & Discussion

2015 Spring History of Mao: Graduate Student Instructor (upper division)


2018 “Reading and Misreading: From Temple of European Knowledge to Public Space of Vietnamese Modernity and Social Life in the Central Library Hanoi, 1919-1941,” 13thSingapore Graduate Forum on Southeast Asia Studies, Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore, 23-27 July

2017  “Train/Xe lửa” Bi-lingual poetry on History, Memory, and Language in independent Vietnamese publisher AJAR PRESS

2017 “Operationalizing Historical Questions: Datafying the Library of Congress Vietnam Collections,” Conference Organizer and Presenter, Texts as Data- Data as Texts Seminar and Workshop at Yonsei University, Seoul, 12 January

2016 “Lịch sử Thư viện Việt Nam 1887-1986: Phương pháp tiếp cận nghiên cứu của đại học Hoa kỳ” (History of Libraries in Vietnam: American Research Methods), Lecture, Vietnam National University (Đại học Quốc gia Hà Nội – Trường Đại học Khoa học Xã hội và Nhân văn), Hanoi, Vietnam, 23 December

2016 “Lịch sử Thư viện Việt Nam 1887-1986” (A Survey of Libraries in Vietnam in the 20th Century) Lecture, Institute of Social Sciences Information (Viện thông tin khoa học xã hội), Hanoi, Vietnam, 4 November

2016 Translation from Vietnamese into English of “The Library of the French School of the Far East” by Ngô Thế Long, Thư viện Học viện Viễn Đông Bác cổ, Tạp chí Thông tin Khoa học xã hội, No.7, 2016. Translated by Cindy A. Nguyen.

2015 “Invisible Authorship: New Perspectives on Translation and Colonial Texts,” Poster, Digital Humanities Faire, University of California, Berkeley, 8 April

2014 “The Cost of Progress,” review of Luc Xi: Prostitution and Venereal Disease in Colonial Hanoi by Shaun Kingsley Malarney, International Institute of Asian Studies, 22 October 2014, New Asia Books,

2013 “Finding Civilization: A Discursive Study of Vietnamese Student Migration to France,” Panel Cultures & Society in Migration, Michigan State University Migration without Boundaries Conference, East Lansing October 4-5

2013 “’A Xu/Sou for the Students:’ A Discourse Analysis of Vietnamese Student Migration to France in the Late Colonial Period” in ” The Question of Return: Leaving, Arriving, and Returning in an Age of Transnational Migration, eds. Michiel Baas and Nel Vandekerckhove, Amsterdam University Press, 2013

2013 “Movement and Gender: Representations of Tourism in Late Colonial Vietnam,” Panel Traffic: Travel, Translation, and Illicit Trade in Colonial Indochina, Association of Asian Studies Annual Conference, San Diego March 21-24

2012 Chair, Panel “The Arrival of Strangers,” Michigan State University Migration without Boundaries Graduate Student Conference, East Lansing October 5-6

2012 “Travel and Translation through Vietnamese Travel Stories Du Ký,” “Borders of Knowledge” International Graduate Student Summer School, Flying University of Transnational Humanities (FUTH)- Research Institute of Comparative History and Culture, Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea July 15-18

2012 “Envisioning Oneself in the Metropole: Representation of Self in Urban Intellectual Vietnamese Literature,” Panel Transnational Vietnam, Rice University Transnational Asia Conference- Chao Center for Asian Studies, Houston February 10

2011 “Interpreting a Modern Vietnam through Colonial “Collaborator” Nguyễn Văn Vĩnh, Panel History and Pre-Modern Legacies, University of Michigan Between the Lines Conference and Workshop, History and Translation in the Context of Island Southeast Asia, Ann Arbor December 9-10

2011 “Beyond Betrayal: ‘Collaboration’ in Early 20th Century Vietnam,” Columbia East Asia Review, Volume 4, Spring 2011,

2010-2011 “Nguyen Van Vinh- Vietnamese Translations & Presentation,” Southeast Asian Studies Summer Institute University of Wisconsin-Madison Conference, Madison July 16

2009-2010 “Beyond Betrayal: Re-contextualizing ‘Reformers’ in Early 20th Century Colonial Vietnam,” UCLA History Department Senior Honors Thesis under Dr. Geoffrey Robinson


  • Remembering the ‘American War’: Post-Revolution Approaches to Vietnamese Memory Studies
  • Constructing the ‘Vietnamese Student’: Social and Individual Representations of Student Migration to France, 1908-1933
  • Approaches to Understanding the ‘Colonial City’: A Historiography of Colonial Hanoi and Saigon
  • Designing a Scholar Lineage: The High Literati Period of Fifteenth Century Vietnam
  • Đại Việt and a Confucian Moral Universe: Sense of Place in Vietnamese Early Modern Envoy Poetry


  • Vietnamese: Fluent reading, speaking, advanced writing
  • French: Intermediate reading, speaking, writing
  • Data & Databases: Relational Databases, Open Office, Open Refine
  • Content Management Systems :WordPress, Drupal
  • Design: Adobe InDesign, book layout, independent publishing
  • Visual Art: Film, Photography
  • Project Management, Digital Research Project Consulting


2018 National Academy of Education/Spencer Dissertation Writing Fellowship

2017 Social Science Research Council International Dissertation Research Fellowship – Vietnam & France

2016-2017 Fulbright US Student Fellowship – Vietnam

2016 École française d’Extrême-Orient Field Scholarship in the Hanoi Centre

2016 D. Kim History of Science in East Asia Foundation Research Fellowship

2015 DH at Berkeley Collaborative Research Grant for “Vietnamese Intellectual Networks Database”

2014, 2016 IEAS Digital History Research Fellowship

2013 University of California, Berkeley University Regents-Intern Fellowship

2013 Ford Predoctoral Fellowship Honorable Mention

2012 FUTH Graduate Summer School at Hanyang University

2012 Graduate School Research and Travel Grant (Spring and Summer)

2011-2016 Michigan State University Graduate School Enrichment Fellowship

2010 Foreign Language Area Studies Fellowship: Vietnamese, University of Madison, Wisconsin

2010 Institute for Recruitment of Teachers Fellow

2009-2010 Undergraduate Research Scholars Program