[TEACHING] On Digital Teaching During and After COVID-19

On November 9, 2020 I was invited to speak on the topic of digital teaching as part of the History Department, Center for Digital Scholarship, and 21st Century PhD Series at Brown University. The talk was well attended on Zoom from faculty, staff, and students from all over campus.

I talk through concrete activities, tools, and materials on remote digital teaching for history seminars. Drawing from my experience in critical digital pedagogy, inclusive design, and digital humanities, I share three guiding design principles: 1) variation of modality, 2) time/energy management, and 3) built in reflection and explain how I build in these principles into the class structure and assignments. The session concludes with time for Q&A and group discussion of challenges and experiences teaching during COVID.

Video Recording of Zoom Talk

Slides from talk: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/17EoKTX5fX7sThm6pR5NmmPYCaTIdVzJm1MNDdZRXspM/edit?usp=sharing

Teaching Materials for Reference/Reuse/Remix from my History 1978D Capstone Seminar on Colonial Indochina Fall 2020

  1. Live Syllabus: Course Outcomes, Philosophy, Assignments, Readings, Final Project
  2. Class Slides: Lectures, Announcements, Linking Asynchronous Discussions with Synchronous
  3. Example Facilitation Guide with Notes: Student pair facilitators to create activity, discussion questions, and guide the synchronous discussion
  4. Initial Questionnaire: Sent out to students prior to beginning of class to get a sense of student background and goals, communicate preferences in learning experiences, 
  5. Class Charter: alignment of class values, practices, and creating a community for mutual flourishing 

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