Qualifying Examinations Preparation Tips


A compilation of tips for examination prep in history that has helped me these past few months.

 Before reading:  Read book reviews
 Strategize a logical order to approach your texts (themes, authors,   historiographical interventions, how much time you have)
 While reading:  Make chapter by chapter one sentence summaries in your notes
 Pinpoint key historical actors
 Make sure you understand the historic periodization
 After reading:
 Use index cards or zotero notes
 Make 1 paragraph summary of a book/article.
 Situate text within historiography
 Review:  Create a framework of all the themes on your book list to remember and understand how your books relate/differ from one another.
 Make index cards of possible questions on one side, and concrete answers on the other side.
   Share and communicate your notes, ideas, and questions online and with colleagues!


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